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"Different Ages & Countries have different Fragrances."

"We sell pure attar (essential oil) and make perfume also."

Gulf Arabian Perfumes

Denal Ooud

OOud comes the resinous heartwood of Aquillaria trees, it is formed when the trees with a parasitic mould, this happens when the tree is naturally or artificially damaged and is attacked by a fungus, as the fungus grows, the trees respond by producing an aromatic, rich dark resin within the heartwood known as ‘oud’. India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and New Guinea. The best quality oud isgnsidered to come from India.

Denal Ooud

In the straight line of tli Ieminine and mischievous, this perfume comes a hymn to indulgence.Cranberry, tomato, raspberry and raspberry leaves are the scents in the sweet and irreverent top note

Denal Ooud

A moist and mouthwatering opening of green citrus caressed by a note of orchid. The heart pairs patchouli and leather with spicy notes. The fragrance evolves towards an ambry, woody, balmy trail

Denal Ooud

A zesty opening of Mexican lime and mint refreshed with a plant-based accord. A spicy heart of cardamom, clove and nutmeg. The fragrance evolves towards a trail of gentle woods..

Denal Ooud

The fragrance opens with a mix of exotic, fresh and juicy fruits that remember holidays and ocean: mangosteen, Valencia orange, red currant blossom. The floral and sensual heart blends wild water lily, shimmering wate accord, vintage rose and vanilla orchid. The warm and woody dry-down fuses cedarwood, mahogany wood, Florymoss (a molecule with mossy floral notes) and Venezuelan tonka bean.