About Shama

"Different Ages & Countries have different Fragrances."

"We sell pure attar (essential oil) and make perfume also."

Indian Women(Age group 20-35) Perfumes

Denal Ooud

A musky-floral perfume in which bergamot, neroli, oleander, jasmine an!fiiterranean accents come together overa drydown of musk and vanilla absolute.

Denal Ooud

The sensual encounter of vanilla and vetiver in a new sunny-woodsy-Oriental essence. Passiflora, or passion flower, brings an exotic luminosity reinforced by the sunny heat of Sambacjasmine. Atwo-headed creation from

Denal Ooud

Essential oils of mandarin orange and ginger open the fragrance, bringing freshness and stimulating the senses. The sweet floral heart pairs peony with osmanthus (an Asian flower with an apricot-like scent). lntertwined with cedarwood, white musks grant softness and ‘the sensuality of bare skin’.

Denal Ooud

A magical encounter between two flowers: wild rose and narcissus... The gentle beauty and the wild thing. An interesting clover note brings the fragrance a fresh, green crispness. The base note is sensual, thanks to the £5

Denal Ooud

Shama Star mixes bitter orange, icy cardamom and Indonesian patchouli with a splash of cardamon. Shama Starblends citrus, floral notes, saffron, and a woody leather dry-down. Shama Star is a fresh mix of lime, mint, lavender, violet, licorice, saffron and cedar.