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"Different Ages & Countries have different Fragrances."

"We sell pure attar (essential oil) and make perfume also."

Indian Men(Age group 30-45) Perfumes

Denal Ooud

A sparkling, aromatic opening thanks to citrus and Szechwan pepper. Waves of wood (cedar, vetiver, gaiac) warm up the sweeter, more gourmand notes, including cocoa.

Denal Ooud

The fragrance opens with the sparkling tones of cascalone (a molecule that is redolent of cold clear water), bergamot and grapefruit zest. The heart reveals paradisone's fresh floral effect blended with jasmine absolute, basil and sage. The drydown combines patchouli, Atlas cedar, vetiver and ambrox.

Denal Ooud

The scent opens with crisp, zesty, green notes of fresh mint and frosty lemon. The heart reveals a few transparent floral notes and is refreshed with a hint of something aquatic. A blend of cocoa and ‘edgy wood notes’ is a tribute to the original fragrance’s sweet, woodsy drydown.

Denal Ooud

Tangy rosemary-tinted citrus scents mingle with salty aquatic notes and aerial flowers (hedione).A sharp persimmon note adds a touch of sparkling color to the woody aromas of labdanum and cedar, with their warm musk undertones.

Denal Ooud

A pure and sober eau de toilette developed around a middle note of sensual, modern vetiver. The spicy cardamom scent mixed with the tea note sharpens its modern character. Cedar and musk give it the lingering scent of a second skin.