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"Different Ages & Countries have different Fragrances."

"We sell pure attar (essential oil) and make perfume also."

Pakistani Perfumes

Denal Ooud

Musk Rose opens on notes of extract rose and musk of ‘discreet richness’. At its heart, white flowers mix with patchouli and a touch of iris. At its base, several musky notes are blended with one more fruity than the rest. Then the fragrance heats up with the sensuality of vanilla, amber and woods.

Denal Ooud

The fresh vetivert, rose, gydwood, narcius, kewda, patcholi one wins out here, carrying the fragrance thanks to lemon and bergamot. Streamlined and much livelier, the scent evolves towards a trail of tonka bean, sandalwood and a Madagascarvanilla note.

Denal Ooud

Day of Madina fragrance has been reinterpreted with extra voluptuousness, elegance and warmth, by perfumer Nathalie Gracia Cetto. A red-rose, rhubarb, wood and gingerbread trail reveal a new seductiveness.

Denal Ooud

Mukhallat is a singular scent blending fresh notes of nagar motha, saffron, bulgarian rose, sandalwood, Indian amber, waves of aromatic herbs and spices and a juicy, fruity sensation, as well as notes of flowers, warm woods andasoft, leathery signature.

Denal Ooud

An essence with a fresh, creamy opening that goes on to unveil an opulent floral heart. The trail is based on musk and enhanced with tonka bean and white patchouli.