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"Different Ages & Countries have different Fragrances."

"We sell pure attar (essential oil) and make perfume also."

South African Perfumes

Denal Ooud

OOUD comes from the resinous heartwood of Aquillaria trees, it is formed when the trees are infected with a parasitic mould, this happens when the tree is naturally or artificially damaged and is attacked by a fungus, as the fungus grows, the trees respond by producing an aromatic, rich dark resin within the heartwood known as ‘oud’. India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and New Guinea. The best quality oud is considered to come from India.

Denal Ooud

Musk Rose opens on notes of extract rose and musk of ’discreet richness’. At its heart, white flowers mix with patchouli and a touch of iris. At its base, several musky notes are blended with one more fruity than the rest. Then the fragrance heats up with the sensuality of vanilla, amber and woods.

Denal Ooud

A spicy opening of Szechwan pepper and cardamom evolves towards a smoky heart built around agarwood (oud), sandalwood and vetiver. The ambry dry-down is enriched with notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

Denal Ooud

White musk, a strong presence right from the start, is garbed in floral notes of lily, rose, jamnd ylang«ylang, and a fruity touch of peach. The fragrance evolves towards a warmer trail of woods (patchouli, vetiver), moss and amber.

Denal Ooud

A classic chypre construction, fairly dry and woody. The galbanum bestows a dash of greenness, the rose a hint of gentleness, and the tonka bean a touch of warmth.